You've found the celebration page for my little network, welcome! I've enjoyed networking for about as long as I've been alive. My earliest network was running coax 10Base-2 cable through the walls and attic of my parents' house so we could share some files and a printer over a LANTastic network.

At my first pseudo-job--I never really got paid for it and my parents had to drive me halfway across the region for me to get griped at by our crotchety system administrator--I was introdiced to IP-based networking and the Internet broader than what I could get via email over FidoNet and the walled-garden of our educational networks at the time. After watching said sysadmin fill out a form to get addresses, I did the same thing because I thought that's what you had to do to run your own network. You needed addresses and the mythical keeper of the other side of that form gave you some addresses. Like a house.

Somehow I wound up with a /24 (called a "Class C" back then) network, though I can't remember the actual subnet. Foolishly, a few years later when the RIR system really got going, I didn't respond to an email asking if I still used the addresses so they were returned to the pool. Teenaged me couldn't have guessed that having a "legacy" subnet would be so useful many years later.

In any case, AS47689 (and AS210761, and AS57689) is the culmination of bringing that hobby all the way back around. I finally had the time, money, and energy to figure out the RIR system and actually get resources assigned to me. And I worked out how to get connected to my local Internet exchange. For the first time, my personal web site is now hosted entirely on infrastructure I lease or own directly (through my LLC). Pre-teen me would be proud, I think, and a little horrified at my going on in so many words about myself.

But if you're on the SeattleIX or MICE or FogIXP or KleyReX or LocIX and want to peer, contact me via my AS' PeeringDB entry and let's connect!

AS47689 is operated by Pudu, LLC
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